Better By Design

For more than 16 years, RazorGage has been the leader in positioners and automated saw systems. Our material positioning systems, saw stops and optimizing saw systems are designed to provide the highest quality machinery for cutting efficiency.
Our Story

Watch and learn why RazorGage is Better by Design.



RazorGage designs and manufactures machine tool grade, programmable saw stops and pusher systems that have set a new standard for accuracy, repeatability and dependability. From the CNC inspired bearing design and planetary gearbox to the industry leading software, our products are made to perform.

Our entry level positioner features:

    • Android Interface
    • Intuitive Operation
    • Fraction Keys
    • Infinite Preset Hot Keys
    • Create & Save Thousands of Cut Lists

      Our more advanced positioner features:

      • Windows 10 Software is Easily Updatable
      • Download cut-list directly via Bluetooth, Ethernet, USB or create cut-lists at the saw station
      • Optional Auto-List Features Sorts, Cutlists, and Optimizes Yield
      • Frive Pulley is Machined to Match the Belt Tooth Profile to Eliminate Backlash
      • 5 Year Warranty on the Belt — But You Won't Need It!

      Helpful Tip

      When used as a saw stop, specify a RazorGage as long as the longest part you will make. When used as a material pusher, we recommend that you specify a RazorGage as long as the material you will purchase, plus two feet to clear clamps on your saw.


      Saw Systems

      Our automated saw systems are built from the ground up to provide durable, easy-to-operate cutting systems that are powerful, safe and can improve the operating efficiencies for your shop while reducing your material cost due to waste. To maximize your output, combine the precision of a RazorGage with the advanced features of the Cyclone 600 Upcut Saw or the RazorOptimal w/ Pocket Boring – The only optimizing cutoff saw that drills pocket holes and scribes joint location lines in one operation.

      Options available depending on saw system selected
      • Inkjet print directly on parts or print paper labels
      • Can cut materials up to 1” x 20” or 6” x 6”
      • Runs on Windows 10 PRO for ease of networking
      • Download cut-list directly via WiFi, Ethernet, Bluetooth, USB or create cut-list at the saw station
      • Crayon Defecting & Material Optimization
      • Drills pocket holes and scribes face frame layout marks