Razorgage Window ST RazorGage ST Windows application software
provides a bright, bold user interface.
No Menus To Memorize. Operation is obvious.
Setup and calibration functions are just a screen touch away.
Caliper Table A modern state-of-the-art
automated material positioning system
For more than 16 years, RazorGage has been the leader
in stop gauge and automated saw systems.
Autopusher System material positioning systems, saw stops,
and optimizing saw systems
Our products are designed to provide the highest
quality machinery for cutting efficiency.


Better By Design

Since 2001, RazorGage has been a leader in automatic positioners and automated saw systems. Our programmable saw stops, automatic pusher and optimizing saw systems are designed to provide the best in accuracy and cutting efficiency.

Our Story

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Product Line

The RazorGage product line is based on a modern state-of-the-art automated material positioning system. Our machine tool grade, programmable saw stops and pusher systems have set a new standard for accuracy, repeatability and dependability. The upper end of the product line includes optimizing cut-off saw systems with crayon defecting, and can include pocket hole drilling and scribe marking for face frame joinery. 

Helpful Tip
When used as a saw stop, specify a RazorGage as long as the longest part you will make. When used as a material pusher, we recommend that you specify a RazorGage as long as the material you will purchase, plus two feet to clear clamps on your saw.