RazorGage Saw Optimization Software


Software for Computerized Saw Systems

Everyone uses personal computers these days. Why should your automatic saw measuring system be different? All RazorGage computer controlled saw systems include a reliable graphical user interface with built-in Wi-Fi. 

RazorGage offers computerized saw positioners with either Android or Windows 10 Professional interfaces. Both platforms offer intuitive operation that nearly eliminate the need for training. Parameters have sensible names like SPEED, KERF, ACCEL, & DECEL, so you don’t need a manual to understand the settings. Most operators can figure out the saw optimization software with just a few minutes of practice.

With superior software and advanced hardware, RazorGage systems are equipped to handle any job with ease. Learn more about RazorGage products and the software that powers them.

Windows PC Saw Optimization Software

The Windows computer controlled saw software provides a bright, bold user interface. There are no menus to memorize. Operation is obvious. Setup and calibration functions are just a screen touch away. Built-in functions such as fraction keys, pages of Presets, the Work Order screen, the Auto-Pusher screen and the Batch screen, help eliminate operator mistakes and improve productivity. Upgrade a ST-Windows platform to include AutoList at any time to optimize yield on your expensive material.

Networking and file sharing using the RazorGage software is no different than any other PC in your office, home, or shop. Since the RazorGage software is based on a rapid development platform, it is constantly evolving to meet the needs of our customers and can be easily customized.

Main Screen of RazorGage Programmable Saw System Software on Windows PC

To learn more about the screen functions available with the ST-Windows software, click on the different descriptions below, to watch a short video that shows what that function does.

Getting Started With RazorGage Saw Optimization Software

If you’re ready to revolutionize your business operations, reach out to us today. A RazorGage computer controlled saw system will transform the way you work.
Interested in Learning More about our products?

Interested in Learning More about our products?