RazorGage Safe-T Crowders

Safe-T-Crowders for Upcut Saw Safety

Improve Your Industrial Upcut Saw Safety With Safe-T-Crowders

Are you looking for a safer method for your operators to cycle your upcut saw?  Current safety standards show that foot pedal operated upcut saws are unsafe. With foot pedal operation, users’ hands can end up near the blade during operation. With Safe-T-Crowders from RazorGage, your saw operators are protected.

While enabling exceptional upcut saw safety, Safe-T-Crowders also provide operators with the ability to crowd the stock against the fence from either side of the blade.

Installing and Using the Upcut Saw Safe-T-Crowders

Sliding grips on either side of your upcut saw's top guard allow your operator to safely and comfortably crowd stock against the fence, then cycle the saw by simultaneously depressing two thumb buttons.

Safe-T-Crowders can be installed on your current upcut saw. Whether your upcut saw has a foot pedal or a conventional pneumatic 2-hand anti-tie down device, installation of Safe-T-Crowders is simple:

Your upcut saw will have a supply line and a signal line. The supply line provides line air pressure to pressurize the device. The signal line transports the air signal pressure to initialize the saw cycle logic circuit. To install Safe-T-Crowders, simply remove the pressure line from the foot pedal and plug it into the pressure port on the Safe-T-Crowder. Then, remove the signal line from your foot pedal and plug it into

the signal port on the Safe-T-Crowder. It’s that simple! Safe-T-Crowders require 35-120 psi to operate.

Safe-T Crowders schematic
Safe-T Crowders schematicSafe-T Crowder schematic

Cyclone 600 Industrial Upcut Saw

The RazorGage Safe-T-Crowders can be installed to improve upcut saw safety for any brand of upcut saw. If you’re looking for a superior industrial cutting experience, pair the Safe-T-Crowders with the RazorGage Cyclone 600 Upcut Saw.

The Cyclone 600 Upcut Saw is one of the safest, most precise and most rugged upcut saws available. This industrial upcut saw provides razor sharp cuts 20 inches wide with virtually no tearout.

RazorGage saws and saw systems are built with superior hardware designed to last. Our products consistently outperform the competition, and we pride ourselves on the quality of our materials and components.

RazorGage Cyclone 600


"The RazorGage safety crowders work great. It helped for the issue of stuff not being held square. Parts now are cut square and it was easy for the operator to get the hang of using. Great addition to any upcut saw. Going to put on the rest of the saws in the shop."

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