RazorGage Chop Saw Table

Shown with Chop Saw and RazorGage XT-PC – Not Included

RazorGage Chop Saw Table

Customizable, Heavy Duty Saw Table

The RazorGage Chop Saw Table provides the sturdy construction and adjustability required for most chop saw stations used in a heavy production environment. This chop saw table, seen here with a CTD Chop Saw, works with all brands of industrial chop saws in all types of settings, including cabinet shops, manufacturing operations, welding shops and more. This chop saw table enables you to create the perfect chop saw station for your operation.

What is a saw table best used for?

Heavy duty saw tables like the industrial chop saw table from RazorGage enable you to perform various woodworking tasks more efficiently and accurately. Saw tables are best used for:

  • Smooth and straight cuts.
  • Repeating multiple cuts that are identical to each other.
  • Cutting large pieces of timber.

Rely on RazorGage’s chop saw table to provide a solid, level surface for accurate cutting operations.

Using the RazorGage Chop Saw Table

Our heavy duty chop saw table is designed to work with all brands of chop saws, so you can easily attach a RazorGage RG3 Automatic Saw Measuring System or RazorGage XT-PC measuring stop. Together with a saw measuring system, the RazorGage Chop Saw Table becomes a part of a flexible, heavy duty chop saw station you can rely on.

The adjustable saw platform allows you to create a perfectly flat transition from the saw to the table surface. The table height is also adjustable, enabling you to create a comfortable, efficient and ergonomic workstation.

RazorGage equipment can revolutionize your commercial wood, aluminum or steel cutting operation. Learn more about our leasing options or request a quote today.

What is the difference between a chop saw and miter saw?

Although a chop saw and a miter saw are similar, a few distinct differences exist. The main difference is a chop saw generally has a larger, more powerful motor. Since chop saws can generate more cutting power than a miter saw, they are often used for larger pieces of wood.

Heavy Duty Saw Table Features

  • Works with all brands of industrial chop saws
  • Heavy duty, welded construction from 10 gauge steel
  • Powder coat finish to fight rust and abrasion
  • Saw platform easily adjust to allow perfectly flat transition from the table to saw
  • Table height adjusts from 34.5” to 44.5”

    Options & Accessories for the RazorGage Chop Saw Table

    RazorGage XT-PC Measuring Stop for Saws

    Windows operating system on our entry level positioner. Intuitive operation, fraction keys, infinite hotkeys. Create & Save thousands of cutlists.
    Learn More

    RazorGage RG3 Automatic Saw Measuring System

    Windows 10 Professional operating system with a hi-resolution touchscreen on our superior positioner design. Use as a pusher or stop. Optional Optimizing software available.
    Learn More

    Steel Table

    34.5” to 44.5” height adjustable. Table
    options include PVC Rollers, Steel Rollers
    or ¼” PVC sheet surface.