Software & Machinery Partners

Our Partners: Software & Machinery Integrations for RazorGage Saw Systems

At RazorGage, we integrate with a variety of software and machinery partners to create quality saw systems with the highest degree of accuracy and cutting efficiency. We have been a leader in automatic positioners and saw systems since 2001, and through our network of software partners, machinery partners and dealers, we help businesses maximize productivity and quality.

No matter what kind of RazorGage optimizing saw system you’re looking for, we provide leasing options to make our products more accessible. Learn more about our partners at RazorGage and their role in our mission to deliver the best optimizing saw systems.

Our Software Partners

Cabinet Design Software, Manufacturing Software and More

Our partners at RazorGage bring our quality optimizing saw software and hardware to the next level. From cabinet design and layout software to manufacturing software, we work with a variety of software partners that seamlessly integrate with the RazorGage hardware and software. Together, these tools allow you to save valuable time and energy. Get to know our software partners below:

cabinet vision logo

Cabinet Vision

Including scribe mark data for pocket hole joinery.
kcd software logo

KCD Software

Custom cabinet and closet design software. Including scribe mark data for RazorOptimal face frames.
gds estimating logo

GDS Storefront Estimating

Estimating software for the commercial glass and fenestration industry.

microvellum logo


AutoCAD based design and manufacturing software.
mozaik software logo

Mozaik Software, Inc.

Cabinet layout and design software package. Including scribe mark data for RazorOptimal face frames
orgadata logo


LogiKal by Orgadata is a comprehensive configuration, take-off, estimation, and fabrication software for Curtain Wall, Storefront, Windows, and Doors.
cabnetware logo


Design to manufacturing software for case goods. Including scribe mark data for RazorOptimal face frames.
glasiers center logo

Glazier Center

Athena curtainwall and facade design software
doorlister logo


Designed for the cabinet door & drawer manufacturer.
super door software logo


Cut list generation for door and drawer parts.
super door software logo

SureFire Systems, Inc.

SureFire MFG is a complete ERP Web solution for Window and Door Manufacturers. Dealer Portal, Full Configurator, Optimized Production, Purchasing/Inventory/Shipment Management.

cabwriter logo


SketchUp based parametric cabinet design software. Email cutlist direct to xT positioners.
cabinet pro logo

Cabinet Pro

Design and manufacturing software for cabinet and door industries.

Click here to watch a video that shows custom features of Cabinet Pro and Door Pro that make exporting data to RazorGage a simple task.

tmachines logo

CutLogic 1D

Layout and optimizing software Architectural aluminum, pipe, bar, etc.
cabinet solutions logo

Cabinet Solutions

Cabinet layout and design software package
metalopt logo

MetalOpt by

A Material optimization and cut list program. Export AutoCad cut files to RazorGage AutoList
euro soft logo


Software that improves productivity, automates production and provides greater insight into the manufacturing environment.
PypeServer Logo


Software to automate the cutting of pipe and other construction materials.
MSUIT logo


MSUITE is cloud-based suite of management software to connect BIM, Fab, and Field Construction Teams. MSUITE helps you track, manage, and share data throughout the entire life-cycle of a construction project.
MSUIT logo


No matter how custom your products, your customers self-serve, and those orders generate everything you need, automatically!
cabinet vision logo

Allied BIM

Allied BIM’s fabrication suite of software enables model to machine manufacturing by enabling cloud publishing, tracking and communications to all your fabrication shop machinery.
Our Machinery Partners

Integrations with Cut Off Saws, Upcut Saws and More

Our machinery partners integrate with RazorGage to make processes more efficient and improve the overall experience of the operator. RazorGage products utilize only the best hardware software for your needs. Each of our hardware partners enables our saw stops and positioners to be used with many types of saws and also enhance boring, drilling, haunching, notching and punching operations. Meet our hardware partners below:

scotchman logo

Scotchman - For Ferrous Metal Applications

As a leading producer of metal fabrication equipment, accessories, and custom tools, Scothman products fit a wide range of applications from small shops to large manufacturing facilities.

ctd machines logo

CTD Machines

Since 1953, CTD has been making aluminum and wood cut off saws, built and designed for precise cuts every time. Built for industrial use, these saws integrate seamlessly with a RazorGage optimizing saw system.
hoffmann logo


Hoffmann offers a variety of wood joining machinery. They are not just a reliable partner, but their flexible approach allows for a wide variety of integration options.
Hendrick - Panel Processing Technology


Hendrick offers cutting edge machinery to take your business to the next level. With their powerful vertical and horizontal panel saws, crosscut saws, and CNC routers, Hendrick helps minimize man-hours and cost, optimizing your business’s efficiency and productivity.

Our Dealer Partners

RazorGage Dealer Network covers all of North America

With dealers across the U.S. and in Canada, our products here at RazorGage are extremely accessible. When you choose to work with us, you can either go through our preferred dealers such as First Choice Industrial, Professional Machinery Group, K-Nife Incorporation, Woodworking Solutions, Inc. and many more, or work directly with RazorGage by requesting a quote.

map of united states with dealer locations

Dealer Map

Click on the map to find a Razorgage dealer in your state.
Our Leasing Partners

Find the Financing to meet your needs

With a wide range of leasing options, our leasing partners at RazorGage help us make our saw systems more affordable and accessible for you. Leasing Resources, Inc. and ClickLease each offer leasing options designed to give the best possible service and programs to meet our customer’s needs. Learn more about our leasing partners below.

lri logo


Provides business and industry with multiple funding options to buy or lease their equipment.
click lease logo


Lease options with low monthly payments.  Financing is quick and easy, getting you the equipment you need at an affordable monthly payment.

Get Started with RazorGage

To get started with RazorGage and take your business operations to the next level, view our dealers map or request a quote today.

Interested in Learning More about our products?

Interested in Learning More about our products?