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Cyclone 600 Upcut Saw

Industrial Upcut Saw

The Cyclone 600 Upcut Saw from RazorGage is one of the safest, most rugged and precise upcut saws on the market. This industrial upcut saw provides razor sharp cuts 20 inches wide with virtually no tearout. Use the Cyclone 600 to cut wood and other materials, or use it as an upcut aluminum saw. RazorGage saws and saw systems are built with superior hardware designed to last. Our products consistently outperform the competition, and we pride ourselves on the quality of our materials and components.

The saw Cyclone 600 upcut saw blade mounts directly to a 7.5 HP Baldor spindle motor that glides on machine tool grade, recirculating ball linear bearings for ultimate rigidity and simplicity with no belts that can wear out. Intelligent Frequency Drive controls the saw blade RPM and requires no air logic to operate. 

Read on to learn more about the RazorGage Cyclone 600 Upcut Saw.

Using the Cyclone 600 Industrial Upcut Saw

On most upcut saws, it’s easy to cycle the saw without powering up the motor. This allows operators to run the unpowered blade into a piece of stock accidentally which can have devastating effects on the blade and spindle. We designed the Cyclone 600 so that it won’t cycle without motor power.  

On the work surface, our patented Safe T Crowders improve safety. The upcut saw operator can crowd stock against the fence while safely cycling the saw via thumb-operated 2-hand anti-tie down buttons. Other upcut saws offer traditional 2-hand anti-tie down buttons mounted on the front of the saw. Since the operator’s hands are not available to crowd the material to the fence, pneumatic clamps must be added to both the left and right sides of the blade. Both clamps must fire simultaneously creating a dangerous situation when one or the other of the clamps lands half on the part.  

On a Cyclone 600 saw, the operator still manually crowds the material to the fence but via the Safe T Crowder handles.  This enables him to crowd on the left, right, or both sides as he sees fit but still keeping his hands away from the blade.

There is a 16” fence and table surface on both sides of the blade, allowing you to place your material on either side, depending on your needs. This upcut saw can be equipped with a low fence or high fence.

The Top Clamp travels on linear bearings and is driven by its own cylinder so you can adjust clamping speed and pressure independently. Quickly adjust the top clamp height with flip stops.

RazorGage Cyclone 600 Upcut Saw

At RazorGage, we want to support your operation and your business success with solutions configured to your needs. The Cyclone 600 is available with custom modifications to fit your unique business needs and goals. Reach out to our team to learn about custom modifications.

We also aim to make our saws and saw systems accessible and affordable to all. Learn about our financing and leasing options. Reach out to the RazorGage team to get started with your own Cyclone 600 industrial upcut saw. Request a quote today.

Features of the Cyclone 600 Industrial Upcut Saw

  • Cuts materials up to 1" x 20" or 6" x 6".
  • 16" fence and table surface on both sides of the upcut saw blade.
  • Patented Safe T Crowders improve safety.
  • Electronic braking.
  • Saw blade access panel bolt kills power & air when loosened.
  • Direct drive — NO BELTS!
  • Leveling pads are included and the design allows for easy floor anchoring.
  • Improved motor mount design with substantial steel construction and linear bearings
  • 7.5 horsepower motor
  • See full specifications

    Taking Your Industrial Upcut Saw to the Next Level

    We’ve combined the power and precision of the automated version of our Cyclone 600 industrial upcut saw with the accuracy and automation of our RazorGage ST Automatic Measuring System to create two powerful optimizing saw systems: the APS Automatic Pusher optimizing saw system and the RazorOptimal defecting and optimizing saw system.

    The APS Automatic Pusher System is designed to increase your operation’s accuracy and efficiency while decreasing the risk for mistakes. With its intuitive software and customizable hotkeys, the APS optimizes production flow and minimizes the time required to complete each job.

    The RazorOptimal optimizing saw enables users to download and sort cutlists, scan for crayon-marked defects on the material, print labels, and cut to length, and settings can be customized to suit the needs of your operation.

    See one of our saw systems in action!

    Watch as the APS Automatic Pusher System cuts wood bundles with power and precision.

    Options & Accessories for the Cyclone 600 Upcut Wood Saw

    Steel Table

    34.5” to 44.5” height adjustable. Table
    options include PVC Rollers, Steel Rollers
    or ¼” PVC sheet surface.

    RazorGage XT Measuring Stop for Saws

    Android interface on our entry level positioner. Intuitive operation, fraction keys, infinite hotkeys. Create & Save thousands of cutlists.
    Learn More

    RazorGage ST Automatic Saw Measuring System

    Windows 10 Professional OS with a hi-resolution touchscreen on our superior positioner design. Use as a pusher or stop. Optional Optimizing software available.
    Learn More

    Table Attachment Bracket

    Easy to adjust height and front-to-back
    position for perfect transition to the work
    surface and fence.