RazorGage Angle Measuring Tool

RazorGage Angle Measuring Tool

Digital Angle Measuring Device

Have you ever struggled to measure an angled part so that you can calibrate your high tech machinery?

During the development of the RazorGage AngleMaster System, comprising a RazorGage programmable positioner and a programmatically adjustable angle saw, we discovered that there seemed to be no excellent product available for the simple task of measuring angles accurately. To that end, we developed the RazorGage Angle Measurement Device.

Using the RazorGage Digital Angle Measuring Tool

This angle measuring device is extremely simple to use and measures angles with extreme accuracy, which is crucial when cutting parts with angled ends in an automated environment.

Simply place a part with a cut angle against the digital angle measuring device. The digital display will tell you what the angle is to 1/100th of a degree. When you need to calibrate the device, use the included 1-2-3 block.

The RazorGage Angle Measuring Device includes a carrying handle and a padded plastic travel case for safe transport and storage. Contact RazorGage if you’re interested in purchasing this device to improve the quality assurance efforts of your operation.

RazorGage AngleMaster Semi-Automatic Miter Saw

This angle measuring tool is the perfect companion to any angle saw, especially the RazorGage AngleMaster. When making angled cuts is a regular part of your operation, you need precision saws and durable, reliable options for quality assurance.

The AngleMaster computerized miter saw enables effortless, accurate angle cutting. Our exceptional automated saw software can store thousands of cutlists, and it’s easy to create new lists and transfer lists from PCs to the saw.

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RazorGage AngleMaster


"I would give this tool a 5 star rating. The RazorGage Angle Measuring Tool that I use is a valuable tool that helps me with the auto miter saws that I setup up all over the United States. I can get my saws dialed in to the exact degree of angle every time using this digital angle measuring tool."

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