Benefits of Upcut Saws:
Saw Safety, Efficiency and More

With so many options available for saws, finding the best option for your operation can be challenging. While it’s important to choose a saw that will work best for your material and scope of project, it is essential to put an emphasis on power, precision and saw safety. 

Upcut saws are one of the best options when it comes to efficiency in manufacturing operations. Learn why upcut saws are beneficial, the safety features included in upcut saws and how to pick an ideal upcut saw for your specifications.

What is an upcut saw?

An upcut saw is a pneumatically operated saw system that houses a circular blade inside its base making it appear to be much safer for the operator. Materials are held in place by an overhead clamp that doubles as a guard and can be actuated as part of the saw cycle. Since the blade is housed in the base, it can be quite large without being intimidating as would be the case if such a large blade was operated from above.  The large blade traveling up from inside the base allows the operator to cut large pieces, or several smaller pieces simultaneously resulting in astounding efficiency.

what is an upcut saw used for?

Upcut saws are used to cut a wide range of materials including wood, plastic and non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, copper, lead and more. This saw is especially useful for manufacturing operations. Operators can easily produce thousands of pieces quickly but often at the expense of precision and accuracy. 

Choosing the right upcut saw is critical. A high-quality saw with increased efficiency, accuracy, and built-in safety systems will allow your operation to operate safely while being more productive.

What is the purpose of an upcut saw?

Upcut saws have many benefits and prove to be valuable in a competitive industry where productivity is as important as accuracy and cut quality. The primary benefits of an upcut saw are: 

  • Accuracy of cuts
  • Increased efficiency
  • An improvement in saw safety over other high capacity saws

Upcut saws typically use over-sized blades driven by high horsepower motors. Operators who choose an upcut saw are more easily able to cut through thick materials quickly and accurately. 

Additionally, an upcut saw can minimize the chances for operator injury in your shop. Upcut saws are built with numerous safety features designed to protect both the operator and the material being cut. These safety features make it easy for the operator to work closely around the machine without getting injured and help reduce wasted materials.

upcut saw safety features

The current industry climate focuses heavily on operator safety, and upcut saw safety features can protect both the operator and material from damage. While some safety features may vary based on the upcut saw’s manufacturer, there are some general safety features almost all upcut saws should  have:

  • Protected saw blade - Upcut saws are designed with a protective hood around the saw itself. It keeps the blade from being too exposed, protecting the operator and any other loose material from the blade. The protective hood also makes it easier for operators to work closely with the machine without having to worry about coming in contact with or even close to the actual saw blade.
  • Material has to be properly placed to be cut - This upcut saw safety feature ensures operators are using the proper materials with the upcut saw as anything that is too thick won’t properly fit in the machine. This not only protects your saw blades from deteriorating, but also keeps the machine from running until the operator is ready to make a cut.
  • Both hands are required to operate - Many upcut saw manufacturers include a safety feature where both hands are required to press buttons in order to operate the saw. This ensures the operator’s hands are above the saw where it is safe. Even though both hands are needed to operate your upcut saw, the material being cut can still be moved using a foot pedal below.

benefits of the razorgage cyclone 600 upcut saw

When it comes to upcut saws, the RazorGage Cyclone 600 is the best choice. It includes innovative safety features and is compatible with a wide variety of saw systems and accessories. The RazorGage Cyclone 600 combines high-quality parts built to last and incredibly precise cutting capabilities to create the safest upcut saw on the market.

RazorGage Saw Safety Features

Safe-T Crowders

With our RazorGage patented Safe T Crowders, operators of the Cyclone 600 upcut saw can crowd stock against the saw fence while safely cycling the saw. Cycling the saw is made easy with our thumb-operated 2-hand anti-tie down buttons. 

Other upcut saws generally offer 2-hand anti-tie down buttons mounted on the front of the saw. This prevents the operator from crowding the material to the fence and requires pneumatic clamps on both sides of the blade, both of which must fire simultaneously. If one of the clamps lands half on the part it can create a dangerous situation for the operator.

Tool Safe Sensor

The Tool Safe Sensor is a saw safety switch that, when depressed, indicates to the RazorGage software that the processing tooling is not in a position that favors movement of the pusher. The software then prohibits motion of the positioning carriage. 

The Tool Safe Sensor is also used to detect the completion of a cycle. In certain software screens that allow semi-automatic to fully automatic operation, the RazorGage will automatically move to the next position after sensing that the saw safety switch has opened and closed within a certain timeframe.

RazorGage Saw Safety Features

We designed the Cyclone 600 so that it won’t cycle without motor power. With most upcut saws, it can be easy to cycle the saw without powering up the motor. Oftentimes this can lead to operators accidentally running the unpowered blade into their stock - something that can cause extensive damage to the blade and spindle.  

In addition to our motor power feature, the Cyclone 600 is built with superior components made of high-quality materials. When investing in any automatic saw measuring system, you want a product that is dependable every single day, and replacing parts can get really expensive really fast. Instead of cutting into your ROI to buy replacements for your upcut saw, choose the RazorGage Cyclone 600, built to outperform its competition every day and last!

Efficiency for Your Operation

Still wondering how the RazorGage Cyclone 600 can enhance your operation’s efficiency? Many of the RazorGage systems are built around the Cyclone 600 and we have a wide range of available accessories as well.

Check out the RazorGage APS Automatic Pusher optimizing saw system and the RazorOptimal defecting and optimizing saw system. Both are designed with the same power and precision of the Cyclone 600, and the added automation and accuracy of the RazorGage RG3 Automatic Measuring System. When combined, users are able to download and sort cutlists, scan for crayon-marked defects on the material, print labels, and cut to length. It also comes with a fully customizable setting to fit the needs of your operation.

Support Your Operations with the Cyclone 600 Upcut Saw

The RazorGage Cyclone 600 Upcut Saw is available with custom modifications to fit your unique business needs and goals. We also aim to make our saws and saw systems accessible and affordable to all. Learn about our financing and leasing options. Request a quote today to get started with your own Cyclone 600 industrial upcut saw.

Interested in Learning More about our products?

Interested in Learning More about our products?