Automatic Optimizing Upcut Saw System

The APS Automatic Optimizing Upcut Saw System optimizes your cuts but the main feature is the Automatic Pusher System which allows you to push “Go” and stand back. The saw does the work and allows one person to both feed the saw and stack the finished parts, with no interruption. This saw system comes with the ability for you to download your cutlist, group, edit or create, right at the saw so you can optimize your material usage. The Intelligent Clamping System eliminates the dangerous condition and scrap parts caused by half clamping the leading or trailing edge of your material. The accuracy and efficiency of the cutting process eliminates mistakes which further optimizes the production flow to minimize the time required to complete the job.

  • Download cutlists directly to the RazorGage PC via Ethernet, USB drive or Wifi.
  • Optimize at the machine or run pre-optimized lists from your software.
  • Sort cutlists into groups of like material, color, job & more right at the machine.
  • Optionally print paper labels or inkjet print directly on the parts.
  • Includes the Cyclone Upcut Saw manufactured by RazorGage.
  • Select solid PVC over steel table top, PVC rollers or steel rollers.
  • Windows 10 Professional with 21” touchscreen.
  • Optional articulated pusher mounted gripper.
  • Great for Wood, Aluminum or nearly any non-ferrous metal. Aluminum cutting option includes aluminum cutting blade and left and right mist blade lubrication.

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