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RazorGage Saw Comparison: Which Industrial Saw System is Right For You?

RazorGage's wide selection of programmable saws comes with various features designed to enhance your processes and transform your operation. Our features include pocket hole drilling, face frame joint location marking, material defecting, and more. RazorGage has specialized in programmable saws, saw stops, pusher systems, optimizing saw systems and industrial saw accessories since 2001. No matter your needs, we can help you find the right RazorGage system for your operation.

If you still need to figure out where to start, the RazorGage Features and Saw Comparison chart can help! Our team of experts breaks down the various RazorGage systems and their features in the chart to help you decide which RazorGage system is right for you.

RazorGage Positioners and Industrial Saw Systems

RazorGage’s product line includes a variety of positioners and industrial saw systems. They include both stops and pushers. Eliminate the chance of misreading tape measures or scales. And improve efficiency by keeping your operator in front of the machine; rather than repeatedly walking down to reset the manual stop.

RazorGage programmable saw measuring systems are typically placed next to a cut-off, upcut, or chop saw, but you can use them with boring, drilling, haunching, notching and punching stations. Adding a RazorGage saw system in your shop can benefit the operator and your customers. Introducing automation to your operation can prevent operator fatigue, save time with sawing, reduce wasted saw materials and more.

Additionally, RazorGage industrial saw systems come with training and installation!

RazorGage Features to Help You Select the Best Saw System

RazorGage saw systems come with many features, but not all saw systems include all features. Choosing the right saw system for your operation is important. Learn about some of the major differences in features listed in our saw comparison chart, and how you can use them to enhance your operation.

Saw Comparison: Choosing a Stop or Pusher

Eliminate manual stops, pushers and tape measures with RazorGage. From our most basic automatic positioner, the RazorGage XT-PC series, to our hard-driving, machine tool grade RazorGage RG3 series, our positioning systems feature superior hardware components. However, not all RazorGage options are both a pusher and a stop; making it important you understand your needs so you can choose the right option. Below are examples of RazorGage saw systems with a pusher, a stop and both.

The RazorGage XT-PC Measuring Stop is our entry-level positioner and acts as a stop only. It includes an easy-to-use, hi-resolution touchscreen interface for inputting measurements. If you're making smaller cuts on a chop saw, this measuring stop is a great option to ensure consistent and accurate cuts while avoiding the chance of injury from having to get too close to the saw.

The RazorGage RG3 Automatic Saw Measuring System is a programmable saw stop and pusher so it is a great option if you need a multifaceted saw system. This saw system is the heart of our product line. When looking to improve the output and efficiency of your operations, the ST automatic saw measuring system offers the highest degree of accuracy, repeatability and long-lasting dependability.

Our APS (Auto Pusher System) increases cut accuracy and efficiency while decreasing the risk of mistakes. It optimizes your cuts and can produce fine cuts in wood and aluminum. Designed around the RazorGage RG3 Automatic Saw Measuring System and the Cyclone 600 Upcut Saw, the APS does all the work, allowing one person to feed the saw and offload the finished parts. While the APS is just one of RazorGage’s optimizing saw systems, all optimizing saw systems act as pushers only.

Define and Import Industrial Saw Cut Lists

All RazorGage products include 10K+ user defined cutlists that can be imported via CSV saving you time, material and money from your cutting operation. However, RazorGage offers more advanced features only available for the Auto Pusher System, RazorOptimal, AngleMaster and Windows ST Positioner. Each is capable of cutlist optimization to ensure you’re getting the utmost use out of your cutting material.

These saw systems can accommodate delimited files with up to 28 columns in any order. You can sort that list by multiple criteria and then calculate optimal cutting solutions to maximize yield on your valuable material.

Material Defecting & Optimizing Saw Systems

One of the most exciting features available is the material defecting and optimizing functionality of the RazorOptimal saw system. The RazorOptimal allows the saw operator to mark defects, which the optimizing saw system then scans for material cutting optimization.

Once the board has been scanned for defects, the optimizing saw system determines what remaining parts will fit into the defect-free areas and pushes the board through, automatically cutting precise parts with inkjet labeling.

Material defecting allows for fully optimized cuts and significantly reduces wasted material, making it an excellent saw for woodworking operations. Our industrial saw systems with this feature enable operators to quickly avoid splits, knots and other wood defects without wasting quality material. To learn more about our innovative material defecting, check out the RazorOptimal Cyclone industrial saw system.

Saw Comparison: Pocket Hole Drilling & Face Frame Scribe

With RazorGage’s RazorOptimal Pocket Hole saw system, the only saw system with a pocket hole machine and face frame scribe features, operators can easily add strength and beauty to their builds in a matter of minutes. Import custom cut lists or use the RazorOptimal software to create cut settings. Once the appropriate cut list is selected, mark the defects with crayon, and the automated pocket hole saw does the rest!

These features are essential for cabinet making and other millwork, making the RazorOptimal Pocket Hole saw system an excellent cabinet saw. Add these features to your operation and take your woodworking to the next level.

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