RazorGage ST Automatic Saw Measuring System

Caliper Measuring Table for Measuring Long Parts

PC-Based Measuring Tool

The Caliper Measuring Table from RazorGage is a reasonably priced, PC-based, single-axis measuring table with many features only found on high-end coordinate measuring machines and expensive precision measuring tools. The internal carriage features a double bearing block Hiwin linear bearing system. A magnetic non-contact linear encoder is used for long life and continuous accuracy.  Virtually unlimited error compensation points and extremely tight repeatability result in astounding accuracy even better than our stated spec.

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Using the RazorGage Caliper Measuring Table

To use this caliper table for measuring long parts, simply place the part to be measured on the caliper table with one end against the end stop. Then, slide the measuring head against the opposite end. The Caliper Measuring Table can be ordered with the gauge block on either the left or right end. You can order a Caliper Measuring Table as a precision measuring tool for parts up to 20 feet long.

This caliper table can be used in conjunction with a number of different saws and saw systems — both RazorGage products and saws from other brands. After using a saw system for cutting, the caliper measuring table is ideal for precisely measuring your parts to ensure accuracy.

Customizing Your Caliper Measuring Table

The Caliper Measuring Table can be customized to work with a variety of applications. Customized solutions calculate SPC (Statistical Process Control) information, create graphs and charts, and more.

Get Started With the RazorGage Caliper Measuring Table

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How to Use the RazorGage Caliper Measuring Table

Caliper Table Saw Measuring System Features

  • Measure long parts accurately on this reasonably priced, PC-based, single axis measuring table.
  • Accuracy - ±0.004” over 10 feet can be improved using error compensation
  • Repeatability - ±0.0015”
  • Windows PC operation on a color hi-resolution touchscreen monitor.
  • Carriage features a double bearing block Hiwin linear bearing system.
  • Non-contact linear encoder provides long life accuracy.
  • Displays can be set for either metric or imperial measures.
  • Available in any stroke up to 20'.

Caliper Measuring Table Software for Measuring Long Parts

This saw measuring system comes equipped with Windows 10 Professional measuring software. With this software, you can open reference files and build data files as you measure parts. Those files may be saved on the PC, or you can use the built-in WiFi to save them on your network. The USB port may be used to copy files to or from the tablet. The display can be set for either metric or imperial measures.
RazorGage ST Software Main Screen

Options & Accessories for the RazorGage Caliper Measuring Table

Steel Table

34.5” to 44.5” height adjustable. Table
options include PVC Rollers, Steel Rollers
or ¼” PVC sheet surface.


"I would give the RazorGage Caliper Measuring Table I have used a 5 star rating. Reason is that it is very user friendly. I like the option that lets you measure multiple parts, and it keeps track of the measurements."

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