Caliper Measuring Table


Caliper Measuring Table

The Caliper Measuring Table* from RazorGage is a reasonably priced PC-based single axis measuring table with many features only found on high end coordinate measuring machines. The internal carriage features a double bearing block Hiwin linear bearing system. A magnetic non-contact linear encoder is used for long life and continuous accuracy.

Simply place the part to be measured on table with one end against hardened and ground end stop and slide the measuring head against the opposite end.

Includes Tablet PC running Windows 10 Professional. You can open reference files and build data files as you measure parts. Those files may be saved on the PC or use the built in WiFi to save them on your network. The USB port may be used to copy files to or from the tablet.

Table shown in picture is optional. You can order your Caliper Table with the gauge block on either the left or right end. You can order Caliper tables to measure part lengths up to 16 feet.

Operator-selectable display in metric or inches.

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