Everyone uses personal computers these days. Why should your automated saw stop be different? Even a basic RazorGage includes a reliable solid state graphical user interface that includes built-in Wi-Fi.  Maybe you are upgrading your operation from using a tape measure or manual stop gauge and your budget is limited.  The Android xT-Eco unit is a budget-friendly automated stop positioner available in 8-foot or 12-foot stroke lengths.  Enter your dimension directly on the operator screen or Email your .csv format cutlists from your office to your saw station if you establish an Internet connection.  Want to push your material to your saw or other tool? Choose either the Android ST or Windows ST configuration with a stroke longer than your material.  Any ST unit can be used as an automated pusher or stop.  The Windows version offers several built-in functions that help you eliminate operator mistakes and kick up productivity.  Explore these functions by clicking here.   You  can now have a computerized saw system! Upgrade a Windows ST platform to include AutoList at any time to optimize your cut list if you wish.

RazorGage ST Windows application software provides a bright, bold user interface.

No Menus To Memorize. Operation is obvious. Setup and calibration functions are just a screen touch away.

Fraction Keys minimize keystrokes reducing human error. 3 keystrokes initiate a move by your automated positioning system to a dimension such as 39-11/16 inches.

AutoList Defecting & Optimizing Option for Windows ST configurations

Optimizing: Import a cutlist from an Excel spreadsheet or your cabinet design software.

If you are cutting defect-free materials, go ahead and push feed it. If you have defects to contend with, choose set-point or Saw Stop mode.

Enter the length of clear stock positioned for cutting and optional RazorGage AutoList software will optimize a cutlist to maximize the parts yielded from your material.

With the ToolSafe option, part quantities can be automatically decremented when the part is cut. When a part quantity reaches zero, the part is crossed off and the positioner automatically advances to the next dimension in your list.

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Interested in Learning More about our products?

Interested in Learning More about our products?