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The RazorGage product line is based on a modern state-of-the-art automated material positioning system. Our machine tool grade, programmable saw stops and pusher systems have set a new standard for accuracy, repeatability and dependability. The upper end of the product line includes optimizing cut-off saw systems with crayon defecting, and can include pocket hole drilling and scribe marking for face frame joinery. 

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With the precision of our RazorGage RG3 Automatic Saw Measuring System with the power of our Cyclone 600 Upcut Saw, the RazorOptimal is a highly accurate and customizable automatic optimizing saw system that will revolutionize your cutting process. The RazorOptimal is also available with a pocket hole feature, enabling you to cut face frame parts that come off the machine ready for assembly.

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RazorGage Automatic Saw Systems

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Since 2001, our programmable saw stops, automatic pushers and optimizing saw systems have set a new standard for accuracy and dependability. Find out why cabinetmakers and other cutting operations choose RazorGage.

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  • “We're very happy with the results, and it's a simple system to use."

    Ken Casey
    Production Woodworking
    Corpus Christi, Texas

  • “When you don’t have to worry about the accuracy of setting a manual stop, it
    really speeds up the process.”

    Adam Henshaw
    The Cabinet Shop
    New Braunfels, Texas


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