Our Story


Our Story

The RazorGage product line is based on a modern state-of-the-art automated material positioning system. The upper end of the product line includes optimizing cut-off saw systems with crayon defecting, and can include pocket hole drilling and scribe marking for face frame joinery.

The basic RazorGage linear positioner package is typically placed next to a cut-off saw, but can be just as effective for boring, drilling, haunching, notching and punching operations. The ST series carriage has two bearing blocks, each with two channels of lubricated, circulating ball bearings running on a hardened, precision-ground linear rail, the same bearing design used on CNC machine tools around the world. The drive system is designed to withstand a crash to eliminate inaccuracy and downtime caused by stretched or broken belts–a characteristic of competitors’ saw stops. Backlash is tightly controlled with our zero-clearance drive pulley and near zero backlash planetary gear head.

You have a choice of controllers, ranging from our 7-inch touch screen Android ST to our Windows Pro 15-inch touch screen PC, to a full floor standing Tower Pro PC that includes a 23-inch LCD touchscreen and solid state PC running Windows 10 Professional. Operation is intuitive and networking is a snap, with Wi-Fi built into every RazorGage controller. The Tower Pro PC also includes Ethernet if you prefer hard-wiring. You can also load cutlists on the “Pro” units via USB flash drives, if you prefer.

Still using a tape measure or manual stop gauge? Time to upgrade – we also have a budget-friendly automated stop gauge model called xT-Eco running on the Android operating system. The operator interface is presented on a 7-inch touch screen and includes virtually unlimited cut list storage. You can even email cut lists via Gmail if you wish.

Download, defect, optimize, drill pocket holes, scribe mark where rails meet stiles and print part information on parts– all on one machine!

Filling out the top end of the RazorGage product line are the RazorOptimal Saw Systems– saw systems built around the powerful and highly accurate RazorGage positioners and stop gauges that automatically optimize and cut your material. RazorGage automated saw systems using the Cyclone-600 up cut saw start at less than $43,000.

Saw systems using the ultra-precision 18-inch down cutting saw can be outfitted with automatic pocket hole drilling and layout scribe marking. Either configuration can support the RazArray sorting assist option.  Have your parts sorted by cabinet number when they arrive at the assembly station!

These saw systems include factory technician installation and training. Click on the picture to the right for more details.

The RazorGage Product Line is manufactured by Technical Services, Incorporated in Ames, Iowa, USA. Technical Services, Inc. has been developing custom specialized machinery for more than 40 years that speeds and improves the manufacture of automotive components, recreational vehicles, appliances, windows, doors, cabinets, water testing products and more. The RazorGage product line draws from those decades of widely varying experiences to bring to market what we believe to be the finest positioning system in its price range available today.

Interested in Learning More about our products?

Interested in Learning More about our products?