RazorGage ST: Better Hardware

Our Premise

An automatic saw measuring system only benefits your business if you can trust it to position accurately every day.

Mechanical Fact

Since most automatic saw measuring systems calculate stop position based on motor rotation, drive component precision is crucial to long term accuracy.

Our Conclusion

The conclusion is simple – the quality of the drive components directly affects return on investment.

Better By Design

RazorGage continually exceeds expectations due to the design of our products, quality of our components and superior programmable saw software.

Watch and learn why RazorGage is Better by Design.

COmpare RazorGage to other Positioners

RazorGage: Positioning carriage mounts on two re-circulating ball bearing blocks sliding on a hardened & ground steel rail. Just like you see on CNC machining centers!

Competitor: Uses plastic strips sliding on aluminum as the positioning carriage bearing.
RazorGage: Electronics are sealed inside IP54 rated housing impervious to chips.

Competitor: Electronics sensitive to chips are inadequately protected.
RazorGage: Utilizes a planetary gear-head with 3 load paths transmitting torque & less than 7 arc minutes of backlash to maximize accuracy.

Competitor: Spur gear style reducer others use, with 1.2 gear teeth transmitting load, is prone to excessive backlash.
RazorGage: Uses no sensors for homing or end of travel eliminating the need for failure prone components and wiring.

Competitor: Contamination sensitive sensors inside the beam require long cable runs around sharp corners.
RazorGage: 30 tooth drive pulley used on RazorGage has a larger bend radius increases belt life and twice the teeth to resist tooth shear.

Competitor: 15 tooth pulley competitor uses, has a tighter bend radius reducing belt life and half the teeth to resist tooth shear.
RazorGage: The RazorGage drive pulley is machined to match the belt tooth profile eliminating backlash.

Competitor: Standard pulleys have 1/64” clearance allowing backlash which reduces accuracy.

Interested in Learning More about our products?

Interested in Learning More about our products?