RazorGage ST Automatic Saw Measuring System

Programmable Saw Stop & Pusher

The RazorGage ST Automatic Saw Measuring System is at the heart of our product line. Whether you use the ST as an automatic pusher or an automatic saw measuring stop, this digital saw stop and measuring fence can be used with a chop saw, upcut saw, downcut saw, drill press, haunching, notching and punching machines. When looking to improve output and efficiency for your operations, the RazorGage ST Automatic Saw Measuring System offers the highest degree of accuracy, repeatability and long-lasting dependability.

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Using the RazorGage ST Automatic Saw Measuring System

The RazorGage ST automatic positioner system features a high-performance motion controller that reacts quickly to jambs, eliminating stretched belts. Hence, the 5 year belt warranty.

The carriage assembly features a Hiwin hardened and ground linear bearing rail with two recirculating ball bearing blocks — just like you see on CNC machine tools and machining centers. This enables nearly friction-free motion, maximum rigidity, accuracy and long life. The RazorGage ST can be used for automatic chop saw measuring, or it may be installed for use alongside other types of saws. 

Learn more about the superior hardware used in the construction of the RazorGage ST programmable saw stop. 

Other RazorGage Automatic Saw Measuring Systems

The RazorGage ST is also available with an Android operator interface. Dubbed the RazorGage ST-A, this digital saw stop offers all the hardware and performance attributes of the ST at a lower price. The ST-A can be used as a stop or as a pusher, but the software features available for pushing are limited. 

An even more affordable offering is the RazorGage XT, which uses the Android tablet interface without the high end mechanical components found in the ST. The RazorGage XT is used only as a saw stop and not as a pusher. Both the ST-A and the XT have the same powerful cutlist utilities, unusual for such affordable machines.

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RazorGage ST Digital Saw Stop Features

  • PC running the Windows 10 Professional OS with 15" touch screen networks easily with other devices using ethernet or WiFi and has tons of features. 
  • Optional Tower PC with 23” touch screen and larger electrical enclosure for extra control components.
  • Store thousands of cutlists, sort cutlists into thousands of groups according to multiple criteria.
  • Fraction keys allow the user to adjust position in just a few keystrokes.
  • Optional optimizing software reduces waste material.
  • Print labels with text and a combination of any two special fields that can each contain barcodes, QR codes, or images.
  • Single Cutlist Mode allows synchronization with server databases.
  • Uses the same linear bearings found on CNC machine tools.
  • Near zero backlash planetary gearhead & drive pulley.
  • 5 Year Belt Warranty.
  • Available in stroke lengths up to 60’.
  • See full specifications

    RazorGage ST Automatic Positioner Software

    Our industry leading software is powered by Microsoft Windows so networking and file sharing is no different than any other PC in your office, home, or shop. Since the RazorGage software is based on a rapid development platform, it is constantly evolving to meet the needs of our customers and can be easily customized.

    The Windows application software for this digital saw stop provides a bright, bold user interface with intuitive functionality. Setup and calibration functions are intuitive and just a screen touch away. Built-in functions such as fraction keys, presets pages help eliminate operator mistakes and improve productivity. 

    This image is the RazorGage ST main screen. Click to learn more about and demo the screen functions available with the ST digital saw stop software.

    Options and Accessories for the RazorGage ST Programmable Saw Stop


    Steel Table

    34.5” to 44.5” height adjustable. Table
    options include PVC Rollers, Steel Rollers
    or ¼” PVC sheet surface.
    Learn More


    Chop Saw Table

    34.5” to 44.5” height adjustable.
    Works with all RazorGage positioners
    and virtually all saw brands.
    Shown with RazorGage XT.
    Learn More


    Tower PC with Large Touch Screen

    Includes a higher performance motherboard and processor, along with a 22” or larger touch screen and a larger electrical enclosure for custom controls. Shown with optional roller table and legs.
    Learn More


    Face Frame Scribe

    Instantly add layout lines to your face frame parts to improve accuracy and productivity during face frame assembly.
    Learn More


    Label Printer and Stand

    Print paper labels to help keep your parts organized. Available with or without printer stand.
    Learn More


    Basic Stop Extension (BSE)

    The BSE option enables the Stop to reach the saw blade. Available in 2’, 4’ and 6’ lengths.
    Learn More


    Gang Stop

    Use when you are stacking boards or placing them side by side.
    Learn More


    Adjustable Stop Extension Bracket

    Allows adjustment of stop extension front to back. 
    Learn More



    Grips material so it doesn’t roll away when being pushed on a roller table.
    Learn More


    Heavy Duty Gripper

    Grips heavier material so it doesn’t roll away when being pushed on a roller table.
    Learn More


    Miter Stop

    Provides accurate capture of mitered ends without the variation typical of competitors’ design.
    Learn More


    Table Attachment Bracket

    Easy to adjust height and front-to-back
    position for perfect transition to the work
    surface and fence.
    Learn More