The face of the RazorGage-ST programmable saw stop becomes an extension of the fence on your saw. Slots in the bottom of the extrusion (units may be flipped to work on either the right side or left side of your machine) accept standard 5/16″ carriage bolt heads for mounting to a bench, a flat table or onto the back of a roller table using optional “L” brackets. A powerful microprocessor controlled drive motor precisely controls the position of the  carriage through a steel reinforced cogged belt. The carriage assembly consists of two bearing blocks fixed together riding on a precision ground hardened steel linear rail.  This design overcomes wear and accuracy problems associated with friction-fit plastic guides used by other designs on the market.

Our industry leading software runs on Microsoft Windows 10 Pro. Your operator controls the RazorGage using a 15″ color touch screen. Touching two or three “buttons” on the screen will command an immediate move to a position accurate to within the thickness of a piece of paper.

Note that we use the word “accurate” rather than “repeatable”. You are buying an automated positioner to get accurate part dimensions. Be sure you understand the difference.

AutoList is our optional optimizing software that will turn your operation green and typically cuts down at least 30% of the waste material compared to manual “best fit” processes. Downloading your cut list is easily accomplished using our free Parts List Processor software and the built in networking port or a USB flash drive.

Windows ST PC 15″ touch screen controller.  If you want to make your RazorGage a Windows Domain member, specify the Windows Professional version. 

Cut-away view of RazorGage construction. Note use of linear bearing structure.
Optional tables. Picture shows front half with PVC rollers, back half with 1/4″ PVC sheet flat surface.
Bottom-end view of RazorGage extrusion showing 5/16″ carriage bolts inserted into slots for mounting to table or brackets.
Table Attach Bracket Easy to adjust height and front-to-back table position
RazorGage ST with optional Tower PC with 22-inch touch screen running Microsoft Windows. Shown with optional roller table and legs.
GangStop Carriage Extension for use when you are stacking boards and placing them side by side.
RazorGage Chop Saw Table. Works with RazorGage xT-ECO (shown) or with RazorGage ST. Requires RazorGage Table options with Extra Leg on both sides of saw. Designed to fit most chop saws.
Optional gripper. Click on picture to enlarge.
Optional heavy duty gripper. Click on picture to enlarge.
Front-to-Back adjustable bracket for pusher-stop extension arm. Shown with “birds mouth” for double miter saw stop applications.

RazorGage Positioners and Systems Comparison

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